ETHS is an amazing school that offers opportunities rivaling many colleges. From the more than 250 courses offered and the wide variety of activities and sports, to outstanding teachers and rankings in the top 1-2% of high schools in the country, ETHS demonstrates excellence. 


To truly achieve excellence, however, ETHS must ensure that each and every student has access to and benefits from all of the great opportunities it offers. Achieving equity requires constant reflection, continuous support, and commitment to do more for each student who comes through the door.



Preparing all students for college and careers requires engaging, challenging academics and a commitment to each student’s growth and overall success.  Students need to learn to collaborate, communicate, think critically, and feel good about themselves and their relationships with others. 


ETHS must be a place that welcomes and supports every student and works to ensure they have what they need to achieve their goals, feel confident, and stand ready to face the world head on. Our students deserve a culture that is inclusive and provides a diversity of supports that recognizes and nurtures the greatness in each of them.



A great school like ETHS requires the attention and input of students, staff, families, and the community. By establishing a two-way dialogue and collaborative relationship with all stakeholders, the school can inform while gathering valuable perspectives and insight that will support a stronger, richer educational experience for all students. 

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Paid for and authorized by Pat Maunsell for ETHS, 2016 Harrison Street Evanston, IL 60201. 
A copy of our report has been or will be filed with the Cook County Clerk’s Office: 69 W. Washington Street, Chicago IL 60606

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For ETHS D202

School Board

COMMITMENT.  Supporting the education and success of all young people has been my life-long commitment. My professional and personal experiences have grounded me in my mission to serve young people and our community. 

KNOWLEDGE.  I have spent 30 years working in education and advocating for kids as a classroom teacher, as a senior manager at several national organizations, and as a consultant for school districts and education organizations locally and nationally. 

I will bring my knowledge of educational research, policy, and best practices -- along with my lifelong passion and advocacy for effective education for all – to my work as an ETHS school board member.

COLLABORATION. Throughout my career, I have consistently been someone who listens and maintains a positive working relationship with people.  While staying true to my values, I am able to bring people together, find common ground, and work from there to find solutions.


Paid for and authorized by Pat Maunsell for ETHS, 2016 Harrison Street Evanston, IL 60201. 
A copy of our report has been or will be filed with the Cook County Clerk’s Office: 69 W. Washington Street, Chicago IL 60606


Early Voting begins March 20th

and extends through April 3rd
Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center
2100 Ridge Ave, Evanston

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  • A deep understanding of education research, policy, and practice and their impact on schools, students, and educators

  • Knowing that the most effective way to make meaningful change is to have informed and engaged stakeholders working in true collaboration toward shared goals


  • Senior management positions at several national nonprofit organizations including the Children’s Defense Fund and the Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform

  • Former high school teacher in Chicago

  • Education communications consultant for over 17 years working with education organizations and school districts focusing on implementing efforts to improve student success


  • McGaw YMCA Board of Directors — current Board Chair, former Vice Chair and Secretary (2011-present)

  • Sheil Catholic Center School of Religion, Co-Director (2007-2014)

  • Foundation 65 Board of Directors — Vice President and Marketing & Communications Committee Chair (2005-2012)

  • Evanston Community Foundation Leadership Evanston (2007-2008)

  • Kingsley Elementary School PTA, Co-President (2006-2008)

  • Phyllis Ganser PTA Volunteer of the Year Award (2006)

  • Cherry Preschool Board of Directors — President and Vice President (1999-2001 & 2002-2004)

      I received my Master's degree in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University,
      and my undergraduate degree in history and political science from the University
      of Vermont.

My experience

has given me

a deep and multidimensional understanding of how schools work, the challenges our students and

educators face,

and the tremendous promise of

public schools to ensure all kids

have a bright future.

As an education professional, my entire career has centered on supporting the needs of young people. From my work with the Children's Defense Fund to my current work with M   Communications, my professional focus has been on promoting ideas and initiatives that make educational equity and achievement for all students a reality. Foundational to my work is:

 My family moved to Evanston in 2001. My husband, David (a 1980 ETHS grad), and I met while working on a presidential campaign and he now works in corporate restructuring and volunteers in the community. We have two terrific children and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Our son, Riley, is a 2014 ETHS grad and is now in college and our daughter, Kathryn, is a junior at ETHS. Their experiences at ETHS helped shape the amazing people they are. 



Mi familia se mudó a Evanston en 2001. Mi esposo, David (un graduado de ETHS en 1980) y yo nos conocimos cuando trabajábamos en una campaña presidencial, y ahora él trabaja en una compañía que hace la reestructuración corporativa y también trabaja como voluntario en la comunidad. Tenemos dos hijos estupendos, y yo no podría ser más orgulloso de ellos. Nuestro hijo, Riley, es un graduado de ETHS en 2014 y ahora está en universidad. Nuestro hija, Kathryn, está en su tercer año en ETHS. Sus experiencias en ETHS ayudaron a formarlos en las persona asombrosas que ahora son.



Apoyar la educación y el éxito de todas los jóvenes es el compromiso de mi vida. Mi experiencia profesional y personal son el fundamento de mi misión a servir a personas jóvenes y a nuestra comunidad.



Yo he pasado treinta años trabajando en educación y como defensor por los niños como una maestra, como una directora en varias organizaciones nacionales y como un consultor para distritos  escolares y  organizaciones de educación locales y nacionales. Traeré mi conocimiento de estudio educativo, póliza, y las prácticas mejores – junto con mi pasión y apoyo para la educación eficaz por todos -- a mi trabajo como miembro del consejo escolar de ETHS.



En toda mi carrera, yo he sido una persona que escucha y mantiene relaciones positivas con otras personas. Mientras manteniendo fiel a mis valores, yo puedo unificar personas, encontrar perspectivas comunes, y trabajar desde ahí para encontrar soluciones.

ETHS es una gran escuela, pero toma trabajo mantenerlo asi, hacerlo mejor, y asegurar que cada estudiante comparte en todo lo que ofrece ETHS. Me gustaría mucho estar en el consejo escolar de ETHS para poder ayudar hacer ese trabajo.


Día de elección es 4 de abril


Votación temprano empieza el 20 de marzo





Paid for and authorized by Pat Maunsell for ETHS, 2016 Harrison Street Evanston, IL 60201. 
A copy of our report has been or will be filed with the Cook County Clerk’s Office: 69 W Washington Street, Chicago IL 60606

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